Established in 2018, we are a small business with a big vision for the future. We work hard to ensure the best quality and workmanship and to provide one on one customer service to you the customer. Our aim is to inject the golf industry with positive vibes through our range of products. Our products are for golfers of all ages!

We are based in the Murcia region of Spain, otherwise known in Europe as "Golfers Paradise".

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'PVG Philosophy' 

The Logic and Magic behind a PVG Cover
PVG covers are not just your average putter covers. Besides the high quality and workmanship involved they also have a purpose beneficial to your game. Our designs are based on trends of the time, food, bright colours, and generally subjects that make human being's feel happy.

The Philosophy
The philosophy behind our covers is very simple: Golf is a game that is played 95% mentally and 5% physically.

As famous legend of the game Bobby Jones once said " Competitive golf is played mainly on a five and a half inch course, the space between your ears."

You play two good shots on a hole and make the green. You then make the dreaded three putt which all of us golfers do not like seeing on our scorecards. Your head is down, you are angry at yourself and not in a good place mentally. You then reach your bag to put your putter back and see one of our bright coloured covers with a pizza, basketball, PVG logo, and you smile! Suddenly the negativity leaves your mind and is replaced by Positive Vibes! You are now in the correct frame of mind walking onto the next tee box.

What PVG Ambassadors Say


Michelle Holmes

"I absolutely love what PVG covers represent. Golfers find it hard to let go of the previous hole. The walk to the next tee box is often filled with self-doubt and criticism. As a coach, I emphasise to my players about the importance of using cues on the golf course, cues that will help you remain in a focused and positive mindset. PVG covers do just that. What a fun and vibrant cue to have as you leave each green!"

Mia Landegren

"Golf is a game in which you always strive for perfection, but we all know that every day holds its own challenges. PVG head covers provide a good reminder to let go of all the negativities and insecurities and play with a positive state of mind."

Luis Vega
"Everyone has a bad hole, even professionals. I find the PVG cover helps me focus and release the negative energy from my mind replacing it with positivity. It is unique in the fact it acts as a training aid to help keep the player focused and a cool piece of golf swag all in one product"


Cameron Steedman

“PVG products help keep me focused for the full round, they are a great reminder of how important it is to keep a positive mindset in this sport"

'Stay focused with Positive Vibes Golf'


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